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THE SEAMSTRESS, by                
First Line: A glimmer of daylight through the rain
Last Line: In invisible song.
Subject(s): Labor & Laborers; Retail Trade; Seamstresses; Sewing; Work; Workers; Stores; Shops; Shopkeepers

A glimmer of daylight through the rain.
The yellow and blue sun forms
Rays pearly with storms
Over the houses and over the plain.

Bent gloomily, she sews
In the greedy shop,
But over the housetop
She feels the rainbow's

Crescent ring
Limitless over the housetops
Still advance with rain drops,
And quietly starts to sing.

Sings of the wide expanse,
The future's flowered aisles ...
Watching her hands, she smiles.
Believing her romance,

Believing beauty's face,
Believing harmony,—
Infinite she must be,
Her lips across all space.

Later, still awhirl,
Murmuring olden airs
She moves toward home stairs
In the evening swirl.

In the midst of the throng
Heedless of jostling
Alone in the bustling
Because of her song.

Sweetly, vainly along,
She returns from her work
Wandering where dreams lurk
In invisible song.

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