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THE TULIP AND THE LILY, SELECTION, by                    
First Line: To these proud taunts and more beside
Last Line: "perfumes e'en cloe's fragrant breath."
Subject(s): Bees; Flowers; Insects; Lilies; Beekeeping; Bugs

"To these proud taunts and more beside,
The lily not a word replied.
But hung her head with modest grace,
Nor looked th'insulter in the face."

"Not so the bee, who murmured near,
And chanced th'opprobrious strain to hear,
Ill-pleased to see the flower neglected,
Which she so honoured and respected,
From whose full cup she daily drew
So large a share of precious dew."

"On Cloe's breast still seen to blow
Adds whiteness to the dazzling snow:
And dealing sweetness, though in death,
Perfumes e'en Cloe's fragrant breath."

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