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BLUEBEARD, by                    
First Line: Who has not been a bluebeard to himself
Last Line: Because he closed one door when he was young?
Subject(s): Youth

Who has not been a Bluebeard to himself,
Locked up one door and thrown the key away,
For fear of something hidden on a shelf
That he might find if he returned some day,
And, finding it, not bother any more
With what his friends were always running after,
Nor care if they did mock him and deplore
His loss to their security, their laughter?

Who has not hung his dreams with shining hair
Twisted to rafters of dark common sense,
And gone untroubled by the whole affair,
Or, punished only by indifference,
Making achievement bitter on his tongue,
Because he closed one door when he was young?

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