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FOR EVER AND EVERMORE, by                
First Line: The woods are no less rich for all the flowers within them
Last Line: For ever and evermore!
Subject(s): Flowers; Future Life; Hearts; Love; Passion; Roses; Retribution; Eternity; After Life


The woods are no less rich for all the flowers within them,
But richer, richer far:
The pine-leaves stoop above the daisies and would win them;
They kiss each white small star.


The world is no less rich for all the songs within it,
But far more heavenly-sweet.
No nightingale can hush the happy homely linnet;
God hears its soft "tweet, tweet".


The skies are no less blue because the gold stars fill them;
Nor are the hills less bright
When wings on wings of breeze on breeze caress and thrill them
With lavish love and light.


The shores are no less glad when breaker after breaker
With soft warm hurrying tread
Charges along the sand, and fills gold acre on acre
With rose-white foam dispread.


And so the heart of man is nobler for caresses
Of many flower-like girls.
Some have the scent o' the pines within dark leafy tresses,
And some have sun-bright curls.


Is flower on flower divine? And is not maiden on maiden
A richer boon to seek?
When the pent soul with love boundless as God's is laden,
Shall the pent soul not speak?


The more the spirit loves, the richer is the spirit,—
So self-love crawls not in.
When we win one sweet love, that moment our souls merit
Another love to win!


Star elboweth star throughout the blue fields without number
Wherethrough their cohorts wheel:
And eyes on eyes pervade our hearts and thrill our slumber,
And lips on lips appeal!


Roses on roses redden leagues on leagues sweet-smelling;
Foam-bells on foam-bells shine:
And in God's world are women sweet beyond all telling;
Lips countless and divine.


More than the stars are they in number, and far sweeter
Than fields the May-winds tread:
Beyond the praise of bard's most passionate honeyed metre
And all words Love has said.


Another rises still: another and yet another:
We never pass quite through
The army of white arms. Their laughing myriads smother
The wide sky's very blue.


Like hosts on hosts of angels wait they at the portal
Of life: we never know
What glance sent straight from heaven, impassioned and immortal,
A new day's light will show.


Beyond all dreams are they in beauty and in number:
The tired heart sinks to sleep,—
But through the golden aisles and marble courts of slumber
Flash glances new and deep.


Each new love opens out new corridors of heaven
And God's great heart displays
Further,—as new cloud-tints shine every summer even
Round the sun's setting rays.


If thou dost gather a rose, there will be still carnations
By next day's garden-beds!
Thou hast won a love? Yet new loves bring thee sweet oblations.
New stars exalt bright heads.


New, new, and ever new. Oh God, I faint for pleasure,
And worship and adore.
Love beyond love, and lips on lips, and treasure on treasure,
For ever and evermore!

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