Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, LILIES: 10. SOUL-PAIN, by GEORGE BARLOW (1847-1913)

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LILIES: 10. SOUL-PAIN, by                
First Line: To-day my heart is broken, - and I feel
Last Line: Lest the eternal poet's-doom be thine.

To-day my heart is broken,—and I feel
No rest in love, no recompence in song:
The slow sick weary moments crawl along;
Not one can answer my forlorn appeal.
And thou art far away whose spirit strong
Brings hope and light and comfort:—now these steal
Away from me, a shivering ghost-like throng,
And no sweet God would answer,—did I kneel.

O heart, heart, heart,—that triest to understand,—
Keep thou for ever from the genius-land,
And mingle not with agony like mine!
"A bay-wreathed poet" means a brow that drips
With blood for ever. Kiss not thou my lips,
Lest the eternal poet's-doom be thine.

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