Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, LILIES: 12. 'YET I ENDURE.', by GEORGE BARLOW (1847-1913)

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LILIES: 12. 'YET I ENDURE.', by                    
First Line: Yet independent, fearless, I endure
Last Line: I kiss thee coming all that woe to share.

Yet independent, fearless, I endure.—
I stand beneath God's night with lonely head
And watch the stars like one already dead,
Or one whom only death's white touch can cure.
My footstep through the dark supremely sure
Sounds. Lo! above the hills my dawn is red,
And soon my fair last love-word will be said,
And no more will soft lips of earth allure.

Because I face the terror of the night
Alone,—and let God's dark sing through my hair
Unflinching, smiling as his arrows smite;
Because in silence sorrow I can bear;
Therefore it is that with divine delight
I kiss thee coming all that woe to share.

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