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SONNETS OF MANHOOD: 26. BEYOND, by                    
First Line: Beyond, - beyond the stifling inland nooks
Last Line: Repressless, towards our waves and thee to-day!

Beyond,—beyond the stifling inland nooks
Well loved of flowers and birds and butterflies,
And dim caerulean depths of summer skies,
And pebbly plashing meadow-sweet-lined brooks,
Out to the far-off sea my spirit looks;
And seeks with fiery passionate surmise
The shore where the eternal sea-waves' eyes
Watch their sea-birds,—as these trees watch their rooks.

Beyond these valleys,—beautiful indeed,—
Beyond these haunts of heron, hawk, and jay,—
Beyond flower-sprinkled scented dappled mead,—
Thou art; and thy dark hair is wet with spray,
O my sea-bird: and all my soul would speed,
Repressless, towards our waves and thee to-day!

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