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SONNETS OF MANHOOD: 36. STRONG, LIKE THE SEA, by                    
First Line: If god be dead, and man be left alone
Last Line: Strong like the lone winds and the lonelier sea.
Subject(s): Sea; Ocean

If God be dead, and Man be left alone,
And no immortal golden towers be fair,
And nothing sweeter than earth's summer air
Can ever by our yearning hearts be known;—
If every altar now be overthrown,
And the last mistiest hill-tops searched and bare
Of Deity,—if Man's most urgent prayer
Is just a seed-tuft tossed about and blown:—

If this be so, yet let the lonely deep
Of awful blue interminable sky
Thrill to Man's kingly unbefriended cry:
Let Man the secret of his own heart keep
Sacred as ever;—let his lone soul be
Strong like the lone winds and the lonelier sea.

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