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SONNETS OF MANHOOD: 8. THEE, by                    
First Line: When I grow grey and men shall say to me
Last Line: "and roses,—and june sunsets,—and the sea."

When I grow grey and men shall say to me,
"What was the worth of living, truly told?—
Lo! thou hast lived thy life out; thou art old;
Thou hast gathered fruit from many a green-leafed tree,
And kissed love's lips by many a summer sea,
And twined soft hands in locks of shining gold:—
But all thy days are dead days now, behold!
Life passes onward,—what is life to thee?"

Then will I answer,—as thy gracious eyes,
Love, gleam upon me from dim far-off skies,—
"Life had its endless deathless charm,—and still
That charm weaves rapture round me at my will.
Life has its glory:—for I have seen Thee;
And roses,—and June sunsets,—and the sea."

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