Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, SONNETS OF MANHOOD: 9. WHEN, by GEORGE BARLOW (1847-1913)

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SONNETS OF MANHOOD: 9. WHEN, by            
First Line: When shall they crown a poet? - they have twined
Last Line: Live shelley, maunder round his heart inurned.

When shall they crown a poet?—they have twined
Around the lordly brows of poets dead
White lilies, dark-green bay-leaves, roses red,—
And golden crowns and silver have designed
For singers clustered in the years behind.
But ah! the living lonely thorn-pierced head!
Rain-drops and dew-drops in the roses' stead
Crown the tired forehead,—and the weary wind.

When shall they crown a poet?—When his ears
Are deaf for ever to the sound of praise.
Then will the world's heart open to his lays
And his sweet singing move men's souls to tears.
Art-pilgrims who would with coarse gibes have spurned
Live Shelley, maunder round his Heart inurned.

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