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First Line: Methought I saw a mountain-wall upthrown
Last Line: Said one: dost thou call fools philosophers?
Subject(s): Fools; Philosophy & Philosophers; Idiots

METHOUGHT I saw a mountain-wall upthrown,
Interminably confronting boundless space,
With tangled forest-belts about its base,
Wherethrough grave men toil vastly, each alone,
To cleave a little pathway of his own;
And forthrights some, and some meanders trace,
But late or soon they end in every case
Blocked blankly by that monstrous bulk of stone.
And this turns back thereon, and at his ease
Makes boast: I leave behind all barriers;
And that smites head on rock, and when he sees
Strange gleams before his eyes, anon avers
'Tis light from heaven. Quoth I: What fools are these?
Said one: Dost thou call fools Philosophers?

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