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LEAVES A-VALLEN, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: There the ash-tree leaves do vall
Last Line: Voremost they that dropp'd behind.
Subject(s): Autumn; Children; Death; Mortality; Seasons; Time; Fall; Childhood; Dead, The

There the ash-tree leaves do vall
In the wind a-blowèn cwolder,
An' my childern, tall or small,
Since last Fall be woone year wolder;
Woone year wolder, woone year dearer,
Till when they do leäve my he'th.
I shall be noo mwore a hearer
O' their vaïces or their me'th.

There dead ash leaves be a-toss'd
In the wind, a-blowèn stronger,
An' our life-time, since we lost
Souls we lov'd, is woone year longer;
Woone year longer, woone year wider,
Vrom the friends that death ha' took,
As the hours do teäke the rider
Vrom the hand that last he shook.

No. If he do ride at night
Vrom the zide the zun went under,
Woone hour vrom his western light
Needen meäke woone hour asunder;
Woone hour onward, woone hour nigher
To the hopevul eastern skies,
Where his mornèn rim o' vier
Soon ageän shall meet his eyes.

Leaves be now a-scatter'd round
In the wind, a-blowèn bleaker,
An' if we do walk the ground
Wi' our life-strangth woone year weaker;
Woone year weaker, woone year nigher
To the pleäce where we shall vind
Woone that's deathless vor the dier,
Voremost they that dropp'd behind.

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