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First Line: A veairy ring so round's the zun
Last Line: On elem boughs, on mossy limbs.
Subject(s): Games; Play; Wheels; Recreation; Pastimes; Amusements

A veäiry ring so round's the zun
In summer leäze did show his rim,
An' near, at hand, the weäves did run
Athirt the pond wi' rounded brim:
An' there by round built ricks ov haÿ,
By het a-burn'd, by zuns a-brown'd,
We all in merry ring did plaÿ,
A-springen on, a-wheelen round.

As there a stwone that we did fling
Did zweep, in flight, a lofty bow,
An' vell in water, ring by ring
O' weäves bespread the pool below,
Bezide the bridge's arch, that sprung
Between the banks, within the brims,
Where swung the lowly benden swing,
On elem boughs, on mossy limbs.

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