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First Line: When wintry weather's al a-done
Last Line: When god wood gie us zunsheen.
Subject(s): Spring

WHEN wintry weather's al a-done
An' brooks da sparkle in the zun,
An' nâisy buildèn rooks da vlee
Wi' sticks toward ther elem tree,
An' we can hear birds zing, and zee
Upon the boughs the buds o' spring,
Then I don't envy any king,
A-vield wi' health an' zunsheen.

Var then the cowslip's hangèn flow'r,
A-wetted in the zunny show'r,
Da grow wi' vilets sweet o' smell,
That mâidens al da like so well;
An' drushes' aggs, wi' sky-blue shell,
Da lie in mossy nests among
The tharns, while the da zing ther zong
At evemen in the zunsheen.

An' God da miake His win' to blow
An' râin to val var high an' low,
An' tell His marnen zun to rise
Var al alik'; an' groun' an' skies
Ha' colors var the poor man's eyes;
An' in our trials He is near
To hear our muoan an' zee our tear,
An' turn our clouds to zunsheen.

An' many times, when I da vind
Things goo awry, and vo'ke unkind;
To zee the quiet veedèn herds,
An' hear the zingèn o' the birds,
Da still my spurrit muore than words.
Var I da zee that 'tis our sin
Da miake oon's soul so dark 'ithin
When God wood gie us zunsheen.

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