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THE VIERZIDE CHAIRS, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Though days do gain upon the night
Last Line: A-look'd on as I look'd on you.
Subject(s): Chairs; Comfort; Fireplaces; Marriage; Nostalgia; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

Though days do gaïn upon the night,
An' birds do teäke a leäter flight,
'Tis cwold enough to spread our hands
Oonce now an' then to glowèn brands.
Zoo now we two, a-left alwone,
Can meäke a quiet hour our own,
Let's teäke, a-zittèn feäce to feäce,
Our pleäces by the vier pleäce,
Where you shall have the window view
Outside, an' I can look on you.

When oonce I brought ye hwome my bride,
In yollow glow o' zummer tide,
I wanted you to teäke a chair
At that zide o' the vier, there,
And have the ground an' sky in zight
Wi' feäce toward the window light;
While I back here should have my brow
In sheäde, an' zit where I do now,
That you mid zee the land outside,
If I could look on you, my bride.

An' there the water-pool do spread,
Wi' swaÿèn elems over head,
An' there's the knap where we did rove
At dusk, along the high-tree'd grove,
The while the wind did whisper down
Our whisper'd words; an' there's the crown
Ov Duncliffe hill, wi' wid'nèn sheädes
Ov wood a-cast on slopèn gleädes:
Zoo you injoy the green an' blue
Without, an' I will look on you.

An' there's the copse, where we did all
Goo out a-nuttèn in the fall,
That now would meäke, a-quiv'rèn black,
But little lewth behind your back;
An' there's the tower, near the door,
That we at dusk did meet avore
As we did gather on the green,
An' you did zee, an' wer a-zeen:
All wold zights welcomer than new,
A-look'd on as I look'd on you.

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