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SONG OF AN ATOM, by            
First Line: In the golden morn I love to roam
Last Line: So small a thing as I.
Subject(s): God; Humility

In the golden morn I love to roam
Over the hills -- our hills,
To smell the sweet-scented leafy loam
And list to the lark-finch trills.

The valley lies so peaceful there,
Clothed in filmiest green;
The happy river sings an air
As it gently flows between.
A mockingbird sits on a tall oak tree,
Up on the swaying top,
While down below, dressed in brown, I see
A friendly sparrow hop.

On carpets of softest silken grass
Brown silhouette trees rise tall,
While by a wall of stones I pass,
Shy ivy tendrils crawl.
Young eager voices of the wind
Go laughing up the hill.
I seem to see God's face so kind,
And know He loves me still.

The trees upon the hill are tall,
Their branches brush the sky,
I wonder God can see at all
So small a thing as I.

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