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First Line: Come from the muses well minerva
Last Line: That deserves immortall praise.
Alternate Author Name(s): Barnefield, Richard

Come from the Muses well Minerva,
Come and bring a Coronet:
To crowne his head, that doth deserve,
A greater gift than Colinet.

Come from Bacchus bowre Silenus,
Come and bring some good-ale grout:
For to sprinckle Vino-plenus:
All his foolish face about.

Come thou hither sweet Amyntas
All on a silver sounding Swanne:
Come and teach this fond A-mint-Asse,
Leave the game as hee began.

Come thou hither my friend so pretty,
All riding on a Hobby-Horse:
Either make thy selfe more witty:
Or againe renew thy force:

Come and decke his browes with baies,
That deserves immortall praise.

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