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First Line: The stoicks thinke, (and they come neere the truth)
Last Line: Is to be gazing on my loves faire eie.
Alternate Author Name(s): Barnefield, Richard
Subject(s): Love

The Stoicks thinke, (and they come neere the truth,)
That vertue is the chiefest good of all,
The Academicks on Idea call.
The Epicures in pleasure spend their youth,
The Perrepatetickes iudge felicitie,
To be the chiefest good above all other,
One man, thinks this: and that conceaves another:
So that in one thing very few agree.
Let Stoicks have their Vertue if they will,
And all the rest their chiefe-supposed good,
Let cruell Martialists delight in blood,
And Mysers ioy their bags with gold to fill:
My chiefest good, my chiefe felicity,
Is to be gazing on my loves faire eie.

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