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SONNET: 4, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Two stars there are in one faire firmament
Last Line: How can it chuse (with me) but be dark night?
Alternate Author Name(s): Barnefield, Richard
Subject(s): Gays & Lesbians; Homoeroticism; Lesbians; Gay Women; Gay Men

Two stars there are in one faire firmament,
(Of some intitled Ganymedes sweet face),
Which other stars in brightnes doe disgrace,
As much as Po in clearnes passeth Trent.
Nor are they common natur'd stars: for why,
These stars when other shine vaile their pure light,
And when all other vanish out of sight,
They adde a glory to the worlds great eie.
By these two stars my life is onely led,
In them I place my ioy, in them my pleasure,
Love's piercing Darts, and Natures precious treasure
With their sweet foode my fainting soule is fed:
Then when my sunne is absent from my sight
How can it chuse (with me) but be dark night?

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