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NIRVANA, by                    
First Line: The all-embracing mother wraps herself about me
Last Line: O love, it is so lovely to be dead!
Subject(s): Death; Heaven; Dead, The; Paradise

The all-embracing Mother wraps herself about me,
The all-enduring Dream enfolds my head,
Toiling and seeking they go on without me,
Not dreaming it is lovely to be dead!

I, that once knew the lure of airy purple
Whose soul leaped up to meet the dawn of spring,
Who strove in sweat and tears to learn life's purpose,
Am come to nothing -- nothing do I bring.

Now would the sweetest singing be a burden,
The melody of harps would be a dread,
Even the voice of you goes by unheeded,
O Love, it is so lovely to be dead!

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