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THREE GUESTS, by            
First Line: Fill joy's room with the sweet incense of
Last Line: She deigns to stay -- always.
Subject(s): Duty; Guests; Visiting

Fill Joy's room with the sweet incense of song;
Hang silver bells of tinkling laughter;
Festoon the walls -- Make haste I pray:
She's staying for the day.

Give Sorrow a quiet room, close-shuttered,
Where she may be quite undisturbed
For her no incense, music, flowers:
Her heart's attuned to lonely hours.
She's staying for the week.

Prepare for Duty the largest room;
Roll high the blinds; use well the broom.
Duty will furnish as she pleases.
An honored guest who's walked with Jesus,
She deigns to stay -- always.

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