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IN A GARDEN, by                    
First Line: Along my fence
Last Line: Fell in my garden.
Subject(s): Flowers; Gardens & Gardening; Iris (flower); Marigolds


ALONG my fence
The roses
Are a Ballet Russe—
A mad whirl of snow flakes,
Dancing, swirling, glancing, twirling,
Under the spot light
Of the sun.
The premiere danseuse,
A golden-eyed Cherokee,
In blazing white,
Pirouettes and poses among the roses,
Gloriously full
Of the passion
Of Spring.

A White Iris

Tall and clothed in samite,
Chaste and pure,
In smooth armor—
Your head held high
In its helmet
Of silver:
Jean D'Arc riding
Among the sword blades!

Has Spring for you
Wrought visions,
As it did for her
In a garden?


Fluffy, beribboned ladies
In a row,
You have pinned rosettes,
Rosettes of chiffon,
Pink and mauve,
Purple and white,
White and deeper red,
Pinned them here and there
About your hats
And your ruffled green petticoats.
The jonquils
Across the path,
Adore your flutterings but
Shy, young things,
They can only bow stiffly.


When Spring passed
This evening
Her head was so turned
By the young moon,
She left her purse strings untied
And a lot of gold guineas
Fell in my garden.

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