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TO THE MEMORY OF H-- M--, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Farewell! But o think not thy memory shall perish
Last Line: Sink to sleep as inviting, as tranquil as thine!
Alternate Author Name(s): Quaker Poet
Subject(s): Death; Dead, The

FAREWELL! but O think not thy memory shall perish!
It shall shine through our hearts as thy virtues have done;
And affection and friendship its lustre shall cherish,
As bright and as clear as the calm setting sun.

We mourn not for thee; though too early thou'st left us,
Thou hadst nothing to do, but to die and be blest;
For Death, which has thus of thy presence bereft us,
Was to thee but the herald of quiet and rest.

Well, peace to thy slumbers! that peace the world gives not;
And visions of bliss through the night of the tomb;
Till thou wak'st in that heaven where pale sorrow lives not,
But pleasures immortal around thee shall bloom.

I remember when prospects as bright and unclouded,
As thy own peaceful heart, seem'd thy heritage here;
And I sigh'd for thy sake, when adversity shrouded
A landscape so lovely, so calm, and so clear.

But 'tis over! and now, unto Faith's piercing vision,
The clouds are dispersing, which darken'd before;
Through Death's gloomy portal shine prospects elysian,
A vista which sorrow shall shadow no more.

Farewell! then, once more: angels watch o'er thy slumbers!
Till eternity's dawn on thy waking shall shine;
And oh! may the Poet, when Death stills his numbers,
Sink to sleep as inviting, as tranquil as thine!

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