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CLIO, NINE ECLOGUES IN HONOUR OF NINE VIRTUES: TO THE READER, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: This shepheard's plaine apologie (deare friend)
Last Line: Colliden.
Subject(s): Friendship; Shepherds & Shepherdesses

THIS Shepheards plaine apologie (deare Freind)
To me addres'd, to you I recommend:
Since I conceiue, and (sure) I not mistake,
Tis done for yours, as well as for my sake.
Let this therefore, at my request, suffize
Into the rest to leade your gentle eyes;
(Though little to expect from promise lesse;
They onely much doe owe that much professe).
But you shall finde, as tis true Shepheards part
In simple weeds to masque an honest heart,
So in his songes, of slender composition,
Some vertue is his innocent ambition.
If brightest Iewell, and of richest worth,
Is by the darkest foyle the more set forth,
Without all question we the more should prize
Any true vertue found in swaynish guize.
Hee (if he gaine your loue) has his designe;
And, if his workes deserue it, I haue mine:

your servant


and the Shepheard


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