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THREE PASTORAL ELEGIES: TO THE READER (1), by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Reade one, and say, 'tis good; I beare the name
Last Line: So that I know a foole be not my iudge.
Subject(s): Art & Artists; Books; Critics & Criticism; Reading

READE one, and say, tis good; I beare the name:
Reade one, and say, tis ill; I beare the shame:
If thou sayst, good, and think'st it too in heart,
Sweetely farewell, no matter who thou art:
If thou sayst meane, thou iudgest like a frend,
I would be so, because I meane to mend:
If thou sayst, ill, and doost in heart dispraise it,
I yeeld not till I know a Wiseman saies it.
Thus quit me, or condemne me, Ile not grudge,
So that I know a foole be not my Iudge.

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