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TO THE HONOURABLE AND VIRTUOUS LADY, THE LADY TASBURGH, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: That when encrease of age and learning sets
Last Line: William bas.
Subject(s): Basse, William (1583-1653); Gratitude; Honor; Mothers

IF your Ladyship hath not before this time very iustly expected the best Office
of my Muse, it is now time for me to be voluntarily ashamed, that you should so
long forbeare the vse of so many honourable encouragements. But (alas) finding
my abilitie too little to make the meanest satisfaction of so great a Principall
as is due to so many fauourable curtesies, I am bold to tender your Ladyship
this vnworthy Interest, wherewithall I will put in good securitie, that assoone
as Time shall relieue the necessitie of my young inuention, I will disburse my
Muse to the vttermost mite of my power, to make some more acceptable composition
with your bounty: In the meane space, liuing without hope to be euer sufficient
inough to yeeld your Worthinesse the smallest halfe of your due, I doe onely
desire to leaue your Ladyship in assurance,

That when encrease of Age and Learning sets
My Minde in wealthi'r state then now it is,
He pay a greater portion of my debts,
Or morgage you a better Muse then this;
Till then, no kinde forbearance is amisse;
While, though I owe more then I can make good,
This is inough, to shew how faine I woo'd.
Your Ladiships in all humblenes,

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