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THE CRITIC, by                    
First Line: Are you a lampoon man? Not really!
Last Line: And praises the harvard lampoon.
Subject(s): Harvard Lampoon, The (periodical)

"ARE you a LAMPOON man? Not really!
Oh, dear, though, I know you must be!
That's why you've been smiling so queerly --
My goodness, you're studying me!
Now, what have I said that is funny?
And oh, will you publish it soon?"
'Tis thus, with a voice sweet as honey,
She mentions the HARVARD LAMPOON.

"Indeed, yes, I see it quite often,
The pictures are simply inane;
The verses and jokes -- they would soften
An average Vassar girl's brain.
Of course they are killingly comic;
I laugh, but I feel like a loon!"
And thus, with a fierceness atomic,
She censures the HARVARD LAMPOON.

"But then they are bright, I don't doubt them,
And very artistic, of course!
Outsiders don't know all about them,
You have to explain the -- the -- 'horse.'
Do send me that sweet book of 'pickings,'
I hear you will publish in June."
And thus she gives over her flickings,
And praises the HARVARD LAMPOON.

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