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First Line: A great wind sweeps
Last Line: His quiet hand will lead the sunshine in.
Subject(s): Holidays; Veterans Day; Victory; War

A great wind sweeps
Across the world, hurling to heaps
Of gilded rubbish crowns and thrones, mere gleam
And flicker of dry leaves in its fierce path,
A wind whose very wrath
Springs from white Alpine crests of thought and dream.

What sword can quell
An unleashed tempest, and compel
Hush to the thunder, patience to the storm?
The maddened blast that buffets sea and land
Blows under high command,
Rending and riving only to transform.

May its wild wings
Burst the old tanglement of things,
Those withered vines and brambles that enmesh
The leaping foot! May its rough flail destroy
Hedges that limit joy,
Leaving, like rain, a silvery earth and fresh!

Faith shall not quail
For broken branches of the gale.
Time is a strong corrival and will win.
When hurricane has done its dread behest,
And forests are at rest,
His quiet hand will lead the sunshine in.

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