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A RONDEAU OF REGRETS, by                    
First Line: The heart aye follows her, my eyes regret
Last Line: Aye follows her.

THE heart aye follows her, my eyes regret,
My body grieves, my mind is on her set;
She who of all perfections is the flower,
I shed unceasing tears at every hour,
In secret thoughts, which never can forget.

All for her presence mourn, and long, and fret,
And many deeply blame their cruel state;
Of many lords she filled ne'er thence to part
The heart.

She from our longing eyes is snatched by fate,
Nursing her beauty needs must grief create,
But of two goods 'tis fit to share the best,
And ne'er oblivion on her worth shall rest;
The faithful heart, where'er she wanders, yet
Aye follows her.

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