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First Line: To her the dearest, loveliest
Last Line: Be health and immortality.

TO her the dearest, loveliest,
Who light into my bosom sends,
Idol and angel, ever blest,
Be health and life that never ends.

Into my life herself she pours,
As air impregnate of the sea,
And to my craving soul restores
The longings for Eternity.

Perfume that ever fresh doth spread
Its fragrance through some dear retreat;
Forgotten censer that doth shed
Through night a secret incense sweet.

O Love, whose nature death defies,
How can I picture what thou art?
Sweet grain of musk that hidden lies
Deathless and deep within my heart.

To her most beautiful and best,
Who does my bliss and life supply,
Idol and angel, ever blest,
Be health and immortality.

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