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First Line: Oh, soon may that holiday period come
Last Line: "than that which is caus'd by the man of your heart."
Alternate Author Name(s): Cooper, Laura+(1)
Subject(s): Love - Complaints; Marriage; Parents; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Parenthood

Mary exclaims—"Mama's severe,
"And papa's conduct quite austere:
"When to some darling wish inclin'd,
"Or on some plan I fix my mind;
"With grave advice I'm thwarted."—

"Oh, soon may that holiday period come
When I shall be blest with my husband and home;
When no cross papa nor mama more shall teaze,
And I live with the man of my heart, quite at ease."

The wishes of Mary were not long suspended,
But tho' soon completed, her case was not mended;
For tho' much she respected her conjugal vows,
They were held very light by her profligate spouse
And poor simple Mary was pained to discover
The wonderful diff'rence 'twixt husband and lover;
Of late he's so rude and tyrannical grown,
That no longer she boasts of a home of her own;
Tho' her pride scarce permits the plain truth to appear,
Yet it speaks in the sigh and the silent-shed tear.
In those hours of dejection, her mem'ry portrays
The now cherish'd delights of her happier days,
And mama's grave advice, which of late could not move,
Now appears in the garb of affection and love.
"Dear parents," she mentally cries, "oh! forgive
The ingrate, who would not your maxims receive;
Fain, fain would she now to your mansion repair,
And, press'd to your bosoms, forget ev'ry care—
But wishes are vain—and your child must remain,
While her aching heart whispers she forg'd her own chain.
Then this truth let us own, which experience will prove—
No affection's so binding as filial love;
And no keener anguish can sorrow impart,
Than that which is caus'd by the man of your heart."

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