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MUSIC HALL, by                    
First Line: Crowd with alcoholic eyes
Last Line: High evening, bored by the apotheosis.
Subject(s): Bands; Collective Behavior; Music & Musicians; Theater & Theaters; Violins; Orchestras; Mobs; Crowds; Stage Life

Crowd with alcoholic eyes (Rousing pictures)
Gay gesticulation
vulgar remarks
Painted beauties
toward embattled lusts
violins Gin-fizzes
bass viols Hello!
violas Ragtimes
trombones Hello!
cymbals stir the madness of the unleashed senses.
banjo This is the scene

New film SYNTHESIS of human life
Here woman reigns feline
Modern Fire gongs
Saturnalia cymbal strokes
Mechanical purviews
Orgy of the eyes symphony of electric odors
everything is laid bare prodigious
madness = alternate synoptic
intelligence modern

Red negroes (phenomenons) Lascivious dancers
Lightning clowns body plays
Tight-rope eccentrics red
Orchestration of colors blue
Moonlight projectors yellow

HO sleight of hand successive
flying falls acts
In a minute body contortions in
sighings of the flute space

Mimes Ventriloquists Boxers
Animaltrainers Jugglers Scene-design
Modern paroxysms of madness
under the conquering bravos of
sharp males one sole desire sounds
outthrust monocles violent instincts
under the smoking jackets boils the lust of their blood
The JAZZ-BAND screams fre-n-zieeeed
Electric effluvia in the air
so strong that the Music Halls

seem suddenly fever
furnaces of a terrible explosive joy
High evening, bored by the apotheosis.

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