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ANNIVERS: BAPTISMI, by                
First Line: How much worse than in vain
Last Line: When thou, not I, sole owner art of me.
Subject(s): Baptism; Birth; Christianity; Christenings; Child Birth; Midwifery

HOW much worse than in vain
Had I been Born
That other Morn,
Had I not now been Born again!
For that was but my Death's, but this
Alone of my true Life the Birthday is.


The Wormes own crawling Brother
I then was Born,
Vile & forlorn
Corruption being my foule Mother;
From whome I could no Title have
Of Heir to any Land, but to my Grave.


But by this second Birth
I Kinred had
With Heavn & God;
For She who now did bring Me forth
Was Gods own Spouse, that Holy She
Whose Catholik Wombe breeds Christianitie.


She brought Me forth; & I
Was now the Heir
Unto the fair
Inheritance prepar'd on high
For those who study to maintain
That Title They did by their Baptisme gain.


But has my study bin
Thus provident;
Or rather bent
My own hearts Bliss to undermine?
Like some wilde Heir, spurrd on by Hell
Did I not Heavns Reversion madly sell?


Alas, I did: & all
The wretched price
I took, did rise
To nothing but a flood of Gall:
For what can all this World to Me
Afford, but most vexatious Vanitie?


O King of my poor Heart,
Whose gratious ear
Delights to hear
A Sinners Crie: O Thou who art
The Same forevermore, though I
Alas, be chang'd into Deformity,


Remember thine own Love,
And so forget
How I on it
Have heapd Ingratitude, & strove
To be, what yet I would not be
Were the Worlds total Value offerd Me.


O no, sweet Lord, I would
Be Thine, & none
But Thine alone:
And though fond I my Bliss have sold
To Vanity; I will not sell
My Hope, since Thou art my Redeemer still.


Baptise Me then again
In Mercies Flood,
Which is thy Blood:
And so no longer shall a Stain
My woefull Difinition be,
Nor Guilt the onely Clothes which cover Me.


So shall thy Glory shine
Afresh in my
New Purity;
So, though the Happines be Mine,
Yet still it shall belong to Thee,
When Thou, not I, sole Owner art of Me.

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