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ANNIVERS: BAPTISMT, by                
First Line: Courage my soule! What though thy foes combine
Last Line: Wilt but endure a conquerour to grow.
Subject(s): Baptism; Worship; Christenings

COURAGE my Soule! what though thy foes combine
Their might & spight to undermine
Thy Peaces fort, & throw
That Safety low
Which thou
Hast long in building been, & fain
That Fabrik's, & thy Wishes, topp, wouldst gain?


Courage! This very Day must Item Thee
Into an holy Braverie:
This happy Day, wherein
Thou didst begin
To win
A place in Valour's Army, and
Under the LORD of HOSTS didst listed stand.


Thou knowst what Colours mighty He doth give
And what fair badge thou didst receive:
His bloody Crosse's Sighn
Whose shape divine
On thine
Initiated face was sett,
To valiant Patience consecrated it.


He, though arm'd with Omnipotence, did choose
By Suffring to subdue his Foes:
That Thou, who couldst not reach
His Powers pitch
Mightst stretch
Thy hardy patient arms (for this,
Weaknes may do,) to pull down Bayes and Bliss.


O cross not then that Cross, which marks thee out
For meekly patiently stout.
Wear not God's Badge in vain,
But bravely strain
To gain
Those Palmes thou canst not loose, yf thou
Wilt but endure a Conquerour to grow.

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