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ANNIVERSARIUM BAPTISMI (3), by                
First Line: O deer & memorable day to me
Last Line: Eases soft chains on my diseases rage.
Subject(s): Baptism; Christianity; Christenings

O DEER & memorable Day to Me,
From which I count my Christianitie!
Eight Days I breath'd, but did not live,
Bycause I onely was what I was Born;
But Thou a blessed check didst give
To my sad Fate, & me with Life adorn.


That mighty Deluge which its fury hurld
Beyond all Shores, & wrack'd the anchient World,
Bury'd not Mortals in so deep
A Death, but the Baptismal Flood in more
Assured Life their Soules doth steep,
And roll them to Eternities high Shore.


Thus at this truelyest-living Fountains Head
I into holy Life was Buryed:
And had I kept that Purity
Which in that liquid Sepulchre I found,
Not Death it self could make me dy
Who was Eternal by thus being Drownd.


But foolish I would needs be padling in
The lazie filthly Lakes of nasty Sin;
Till I had staind my careless Heart
With poisnous Spotts, which like Plague-tokens seald
Me for my Grave: Nor could the Art
Of Man or Angel cure or comfort yeild.


The onely Charm in that infected case:
And so is still; for nothing but
The soverain Power of MERCY can asswage
Sinns strong Contagion, & put
Eases soft chains on my Diseases rage.

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