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ASCENSION (1), by            
First Line: The time is come / for times great lord to think
Last Line: And their ascension thus supply.
Subject(s): Ascension Day; Happiness; Heaven; Home; Jesus Christ - Legends; Joy; Delight; Paradise

THE time is come
For Times Great Lord to think of Home:
A Home: but not to Him alone,
Who goes to find a Mansion
For Us, who be
As well as he
Pilgrims in this wild World of Miserie.

He goes before
To ope the everlasting doore:
Come Cherubim, Resigne, saith He
Your flaming Sword & Custodie,
That Adam may
Againe to Day
Find into Paradise his open way.

For I must now
Keep open House for all below,
Who will accept my invitation,
And come to this great Preparation:
My Servants all
Shall goe & call
All Tribes & Nations to this Festivall.

Sweet Cloud, whose back
A Chariot soft & cool did make
For our Great Ascendant, wee
This Privelege doe envy Thee.
Were not ye Wings
Of Angells, Things
More fit to carry home the King of Kings?

Yet seing He
Is so well content with Thee,
Wee, Things as sleight & vaine as Thou,
Will take Us pious Courage now;
Our Hearts shall raise
A Cloud of Praise
Upon ye soft Wings of our sweetest Layes.

Thus as We may
Will We attend Him in His way;
And as He goes our Song shall move
In a tune as high as Love
Can reach; as high
As We can flie
By stretching up our thankful Fervencie.

Hark how ye joy full Heavns rebound
The Triumph of this welcome sound:
For they
To Day
Shall repossessed be
Of what makes Heavn, Joyes Treasurie.

Ne'r did Triumphant Conquerour wear
Spoiles so rich & vast as here:
For see
How Hee
His Banner stained hath
With ye Heart-blood of Hell & Death.

Great Lord of Life & Death, too meane
Is this our World to lodge Thee in:
Thy Throne
Now full as big must be
As all ye Heavns capacitie.

Goe then & may the Aire to Day
Its sweetest Gales blow in thy way.
And as
They passe
O let thy gracious Feet
Print Blessings on ye Clouds they meet.

Our long Adieu we take, but yet
Not for ever take We it:
We meet againe, for We
Doubt not thy bright Returne to see.

High-mounted on a Cloud wilt Thou
Returne as Thou ascendest now:
Yet still
We must have leave to say,
No Cloud shall beare Thee all away.

Thy pretious Name & Memorie
Inhabitants with Us shall be:
Our Layes
Shall raise
Their Noble Praises high,
And their Ascension thus supply.

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