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BIOTHANATOS, by                    
First Line: O vile ingratefull me
Last Line: Unhappy hearts obdurateness.
Subject(s): Confessions; Self-pity; Sin

OVILE ingratefull Me,
That I should Live, & not in Thee!
Not to thy
Praise, from whome
All this my
Life doth come!
What Riddle's this, that I should strive
Onely against my Life to Live!


Against Thee, gentle LOVE,
Life of my Life, long have I strove,
Still misusing
Thy sweet Grace,
Still refusing
To give place
To mine own Bliss, which Thou with thy
Milde Yoke about my neck wouldst ty.


And thus, alas I have
All this wide World but for my grave;
Where the Stone
Which doth ly
Heavy on
Me and my
Earth-hamperd Thoughts, is onely this
Unhappy Hearts Obdurateness.

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