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First Line: Divine content! / o could the world resent
Last Line: Wherever I am whirld about, be blest.
Subject(s): Happiness; Worship; Joy; Delight

DIVINE Content!
O could the World resent
How much of Bliss doth lie
Wrapp'd up in thy
Delicious Name; & at
How low a Rate
Thou mightst be bought; No Trade would driven be
To purchase anv Welth, but onely Thee.


Thee, pretious Thee,
Who canst make Povertie
As rich as th' Eastern Shore,
Or Western Ore;
And furnish Job a Seat
More fair & sweet
Upon the Dunghill, than the glistering Throne
Of Glories Darling, pompous Solomon.


For He, in all
The whole Worlds mighty Ball,
Which up & down he tost
In's thoughtfull breast,
No solid Sport could finde
To pay his Minde
For his deep studious Pains; being flouted by
Th' affronts of spirit-vexing Vanity.


But noble Job,
(Though clad in Torments roab,
And sadly seated on
Shame's wretched Throne;
Having no Sceptre, but
A Potsherd put
Into his woefull Hand, with which he reigns
O'r nought but his rebellious Boils & Pains;)


Is pleasd so well,
That he his mouth can fill
With Blessing & with Praise
Of Him who lays
That mighty load of crosses
And matchless Losses
Upon his naked back; & doth persist
Ev'n still, the greatest Man of all the East.


And why may I
Not valiantly defie
The face of any Storm
Mischance can arm
Against my Bark? Why may
I not obey
HIS WILL, which, though a Flood of Gall it seems,
Will by Submission, turn to Honey Streams?


What will it cost,
When I by Storms am tost,
Not, by repineing, to
Augment my Woe?
Let all the Windes worst Ire
Proudly conspire;
Yet, yf I durst but say, I AM CONTENT;
Those Windes may whistle, for their furie's spent.


CONTENT's the Thing
Which makes a Slave a King,
Whilst in all fortunes, still
He has his will:
Nor do his Gives to him
More heavy seem
Bycause of Brass, than yf they were of Gold;
For, his own Slavery he in chains doth hold.


CONTENT can laugh
At all Mishapps, and scoff
Ev'n Scoffings and Disgraces.
CONTENT outfaces
All Impudence, ev'n by
Meek Modesty:
And the Carreer of Opposition breaks
Only bycause she no resistance makes.


CONTENT can be
Full, & good Companie
In Solitude: CONTENT's
Christmass in Lent;
In Wracks & Losses, Gain;
Sunshine in Rain;
A Cropp of Sonns & Daughters springing from
A single Bed, or Barrennesses Wombe.


CONTENT is Peace
Amidst Warr's Miseries,
CONTENT is Rest, although
Sleep flies the brow.
CONTENT, in Plunder's wealth,
In Sicknes Health,
Fruition in Hope, Plenty in Dearth,
In Night Day, Life in Death, & Heaven on Earth.


Thou onely Firmament
Where Starrs can fixed shine;
May I in thine
Illustrious Orb, above
All Motions Move!
So shall my panting Heart, with restless Rest
Wherever I am whirld about, be Blest.

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