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DETRACTION, by            
First Line: Thinkst thou to scape this monsters teeth?
Last Line: The more she'l break her teeth, & knaw her spight.
Subject(s): Temptation

THINKST thou to scape this Monsters teeth?
Then hope to fly the jaws of Death:
Nay, things whose pitch
Is farr above the reach
Of any Death, are yet assaulted by
Detractions most unbounded Cruelty.


How oft has Blasphemies black Tongue
At God him self her venome flung?
And wouldst thou fare
Better than things which are
The Best of all? faint fool, that cannot be
Wherein thy God's a Sharer, Miserie.


'Tis rank Repugnancy at which
Thy fond ambition doth reach:
Canst thou tell how
Like every one to grow?
Unless thou canst, thou must contented be
To let those things which differ, disagree.


To win the Proud Mans praise, canst thou
Plant insolence on thine own brow;
Yet still, to reap
Fame with the Sordid, creep
Beneath fair Ingenuity? oh no!
What creature e'r was Worm & Eagle too?


Since then Detraction must at thee
Be snarling, on necessitie;
In the compleat
Armour of Virtue meet
Thy peevish Foe, who then, the more she bite,
The more she'l break her teeth, & knaw her spight.

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