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ENTERTAINMENT, by                    
First Line: Wouldst know what entertainment I expect?
Last Line: As for thy meat, I shall but count it sauce.
Subject(s): Friendship; Greed; Avarice; Cupidity

WOULDST know what entertainment I expect?
Why, nothing but Good cheer.
But, prithee let not this reflect
Thy hospitable care
Upon thy Cellar or thy Kitchin; I
By cupps & dishes count not jollity.


Not from thy Cook or Butler, but from thee
I for my wellcome look:
Which will be best, yf thou wilt be
Butler thyself & Cook:
Let mine eys drink thy cheerfull countnance, ne'r
Shall I for bright & brisque Canary care.


A Mess of Smiles gentiley garnishd out
With spruce Discourse, will be
A daintyer Feast then ever ought
Its quaint nativitie
To the most learned kitchin; specaly
When hearty Symptomes bear it company.


Into the bargain would thy courtesy
Content the Belly too;
Be sure, for what's but by the by
Thou mak'st not most adoe.
In thine own Sweetnes I the banquet place;
As for thy Meat, I shall but count it Sauce.

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