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EPIPHANIE CAROL, by            
First Line: Our starr its pious task has done
Last Line: Receiving, whilst we give to thee.
Subject(s): Epiphany; Worship; Twelfth Night

Chor. OUR Starr its pious Task has done,
Now it has brought Us to the Sun;
To Thee, by whose sweet Light may We
The Ways of thy Commandments see.
Thou, who this Stable mak'st thine East,
Wilt stoop to Rise in our foule breast.


Vs. 1. Behold
This Gold
Pale at the Splendor
By which thy tender
Eyes its vilenes open sett
Doth crave
Thy leave
To be beholden
For truly golden
Worth, to thy Accepting it.

Cho. This Gold it self will crowned be
Fairest of Kings, by crowning Thee. :||:


Vs. 2. And now
See how
Our Incense soreth
Not up, but towreth
Down, to reach the loftier skie;
For since
Heavns Prince
Hath stooped hether,
With Him together
Heer dwells all Sublimity:
Cho. O may thy Feets perfuming Kiss
This Incense teach what Sweetnes is. :||:


Vs. 3. Lo heer
This Myrrh
Its spicey duty
T' Attend the Beuty
Of thy humane Nature offers:
In this
To Thee her royal
Soverain, thy loyal
Arabia all her Gardins profers.

Cho. Yf Thou own'st Thou wilt thereby
Her Stile of HAPPY ratifie. :||:
Vs. 1. But to my Offring I did join
My heart. (Vs. 2.) As I. (Vs. 3.) And I did mine.
Vs. 1. No longer mine, but Thine. (Vs. 2.) For He
Has none, who has it not in Thee.
Vs. 3. Yet I am more of mine possest,
Than when 'twas lost in mine own breast.

Cho. And though our Gifts all worthless are,
Accept, sweet Lord, what We preferr.
So in thy debt We more shall be,
Receiving, whilst We give to Thee.

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