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H. SACRAMENT, by                    
First Line: Love, upon a deep designe
Last Line: Make us as happy as it pleaseth thee.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ; Last Supper, The; Sacrifices

LOVE, upon a deep designe
How He might poore Wormes combine
With his Heavnly Selfe, & twine
Dust into a state Divine.
Did borrow frailty of a chosen Maid,
And with our Flesh & Blood himselfe array'd.

What He once had borrowed, Hee
Ment to keep eternally,
Yet in debt He would not be
Unto poore Humanitie.
But e'r He went to Heavn, contrived how
To beare it hence, yet leave it still below.

Moulded up in Mystick Bread
And into a Chalice shed,
Flesh & Blood He rendered:
Ordering We should be fed
With this high Diet, & incorporate
Againe wth Him, who had assum'd our State.

Bounteous Jesu, thou hast more
Then discharg'd thy loving score:
And we, richer then before,
Happily find our selves most poor;
We never can repay this love of thine;
God ran in debt, to make Man prove Divine.

If our selves our offring be,
Thou wantst not Humanitie:
Love forstalled halfe what wee
With most right might offer Thee.
We yeild, Great Lord, Thou hast subdue'd Us quite,
And unto Thee belongs ev'n our selfe-right.

Surely then We will not spare
This Angelik Soveraigne Fare
Seing Thine we wholly are.
For if still our owne we were
How could we venture? But now Thine we be,
Make Us as happy as it pleaseth Thee.

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