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HOPE, by                    
First Line: Yet still bear up: no bark did e'r
Last Line: For hope, is every thing which she is not.
Subject(s): Hope; Optimism

YET still bear up: No Bark did e'r
By stooping to the storm of fear
Scape that Tempests Wrath which rent
Two into one Element;
Whilst in one
The groaning Air, & weeping Water run.


Bear up: & those proud Waves wch dash thee,
Shall but onely fairer wash thee.
Bear up; & Thou at length shall fynd
All these Blusterings are but Winde.
Trust Hope, & be
Assur'd that She
Will fynd thee out an hav'n amidst the Sea.


Suspect not any stoney Shelf;
No Rock can splitt Thee, but thy Self.
Hope casts hir Anchor upward, where
No Storm durst ever domineer.
Her Hand kinde Shee
Holds out to Thee,
To bid thee Wellcome to Securitie.


O then take her abord, although
All other Wares Thou out dost throw;
Thy Bark will onely lighter be
By Hopes cheerly Companie;
Though She doth farr
Outweigh whate'r
To stopp the Waves wide Mouth's thou threw'st in there.


Hope's Ey is fix'd upon a Starr
Above the Polar fire as farr
As Thou art sunk into Dismay:
And She can thither steer thy Way,
Whoe nobly by
Her mystik Ey
Is what She seeth, & in Heavn doth ly.


Hope, though slow she be, & late,
Yet outrunns swift Time & Fate;
And aforehand loves to be
With most remote Futuritie.
Hope though She dies
Immortal is
And in fruitions fruit doth fairer rise.


Hope, is Comfort in Distress:
Hope, is in Misfortune Bliss:
Hope, in Sorrow is Delight:
Hope, is Day in darkest Night.
Nor wonder at
This ridling Knot,
For Hope, is every Thing which She is not.

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