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JEALOUSY, by                    
First Line: Still, still I finde my heart too much below
Last Line: My restless heart with fondly-sweet deceit.
Subject(s): Jealousy; Sin

STILL, still I finde my Heart too much below:
Which makes me tremble in sad fear
That something heer
Has stoln upon that heart, which now
Pineing in strange Ariditie
Forgets, deer LOVE, to pant, & heave to Thee.


Do I not hate this World? Me thinks I do.
For what has rotten Earth that can
The Soule of Man
With any lovely Motions woe?
But in thy Heavn, & fairer Thee,
All glorious Attractions reigning be.


And yet I cannot trust this Heart, which hath
So oft deceiv'd unhappy Me.
To Thee, to Thee
I fly, to shew me by what Path
From my Soules Labyrinth I may
Escape into thy fair Commandments Way


I care not though that Path be thick besett
With Shame, & Pain, & Wrongs, & Losses,
And thousand Crosses;
Things which will work me less regret,
Than these importunate Thoughts which bait
My restless Heart with fondly-sweet Deceit.

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