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PATIENCE, by            
First Line: New come from church (a place where I
Last Line: Patience is sure & ample victorie.
Subject(s): Ambition; Fame; Patience; Prayer; Reputation

NEW come from Church (a Place where I
Might have been fortifide
All Tempests to abide)
A Storme of News both foule & high
Blew in my Face, & quickly beat Me over
E'r a reflected thought I could recover.

I had forgot this Age of lies,
Wherin Fame's Trumpet now
Yt in ye wars doth blow
Sounds none but usefull victories,
Mystick Defeats not gotten untill they
Outface Us, & our timorous Hopes betray.

Yet what if Fame for once hath given
To her owne Trade ye Lie,
And spoke a Veritie?
What if my Partie now be driven
To flight, & must expect another Day
Wherin to pluck their most deserved Bay?

Must I be Umpire, must ye Fate
Of Mighty Armies be
Waiting on my Decree?
Is Heavns Command growne out of date,
Or does not God much better know then I,
Which Partie ought to reap ye Victorie?

Sure He is Lord of Hosts, & may
Show Conquests where he please:
Perhaps a Thorne agrees
At this time better then a Bay
With those, whom my fond & unfriendly love
Though They grow prowd, would still have Victors prove.

Laurells a glorious Curse may be,
Hells Legions are not
Blessed because they put
Poore Men sometimes to flight. Nay Wee
Though Conquered, by humble Patience may
Snatch Triumphs from their hands, who win ye Day.

Let them Triumph: Still Truth & Right
Though beaten are ye best.
Should these not be opprest
Sometimes, our just suspition might
Be questioning, whither they be not of kin
To those faire Names, which mask our Enemies Sin.

Patience, Great Lord, on us bestow;
Palmes in our value far
Nobler then Laurells are:
So We may have this Prize, doe Thou
Bestow ye Day on whom it pleaseth Thee:
Patience is sure & ample Victorie.

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