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First Line: May we have leave to ask, illustrious mother
Last Line: By his owne death can make his mother live.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Women In The Bible; Worship; Virgin Mary

MAY We have leave to ask, illustrious Mother,
Why Thou dost Turtles bring
For thy Sons Offring,
And rather giv'st not one Lamb for another?

It seems that golden showre wch 'tother Day
The forward Faithfull East
Pour'd at thy Feet, made haste
Through some devout expence to find its way.

O pretious Poverty, which canst appeare
Richer to holy eyes
Then any golden prize,
And sweeter art then Frankincense & Myrrh!

Come then, that Silver, which thy Turtles wear
Upon their Wings, shall make
Pretious thy gift, & speak
That Son of thine, like them, all pure & fair.

But know that Heavn will not be long in debt;
No; the Eternal Dove
Downe from his Nest above
Shall come, & on thy Sons dear Head shall sit.

Heavn will not have Him ransom'd, heavns Law Numb. 18, 17.
Makes no exception
For Lambs, & such a one
Is He: A fairer Lamb Heavn never saw.

He must be Offerd, nor must Thou repine:
Heavn hath a Title too,
As neer & sure as Thou;
And He is Gods Firstborne as well as Thine.

He must be Offerd, or ye World is lost:
The whole Worlds Ransome lies
In this great Sacrifice;
And He will pay its Debt, whate'r it cost.

Nor shall these Turtles unrepayed be,
These Turtles which to day
Thy love for Him did pay:
Thou ransom'dst Him, & He will ransome Thee.

A deare & full Redemption will He give
Thee & ye World: this Son,
And none but this alone
By His owne Death can make his Mother live.

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