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First Line: Tis not thine alexandrian seat
Last Line: Whom thou recordest, can reward thy story.
Subject(s): Christianity; England; Saints; English

TIS not thine Alexandrian Seat,
Though faire & great
That can conteine ye fame
Of Thy illustrious Name,
Nor may Venitian Triumphs satisfie
The debt ye world ows thy dear Memorie.

The furthest Isles, Great Saint must pay
Their part to Day:
The Sunns all-piercing Eye
No climate can descrie
Remov'd beyond ingagement unto Thee,
For Light much fairer then from Him they see.

Our England all innobled by
The Historie
Of Blisse & Heavnly Light,
Which thy faire Pen did write,
Must eccho back with English Pens & Toungs
The bounden dutie of her thankfull Songs.

For surely from a Cherubs wing,
Or some such thing,
Thou pluck'st that Noble Quill
Which writeth Heavn as well
And true as Cherubs sing it, which displaies
That very JESUS, whom their Anthems praise.

Faire it displaies Him; We who were
Muffled up here
In mists of Death & in
The gloomy shades of sin,
Have seen his Sweet and all-refreshing East
Set ope a Wondrous Day in this our West.

We read thy Book, & reading kisse
Those leaves of Blisse
And unto Him appeale;
Whom they to Us reveale
To help our Thanks: onely that King of glory
Whom Thou recordest, can reward thy Story.

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