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First Line: Forbid her not, nor ask a reason why
Last Line: And fill th' eternall mouth of holy fame.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ - Legends; Mary Magdalen; Women In The Bible; Mary Magdalene

FORBID Her not, nor ask a reason why.
She is in Love
And means to prove
The Sacred Boldnes of LOVE'S Mysterie.

Who asks a Reason why ye Zealous Fire
Will owne no Rein
Which may restrain
Her venturous Flames, and say, Ascend no higher?

Marie's on fire: and such stout Fire as fears
No ocean streams
To check its flames,
Which burnes amidst a Sea of brinie Tears.

These Waters, & those Flames in Her brave Eyes
Both have their Place,
Both have their grace,
And stoutly strive which should the higher rise.

If Shee will be profuse, oh let Her be.
LOVE'S mystik Art
Knows how t' impart
Virtue's true grace of Prodigalitie.

The Box is dear, is not Her Heart so to?
Then let Her choose
Which Shee will loose;
That, or her Heart must break; LOVE chargeth so.

O generous Odours! Ne'r did Thriftie Love
Admirers meet
With halfe so sweet
Perfumes, when saving Prudence her did move.

Fresh from his Alabaster Prison flies
The Noble Smell,
Whose riches fill
The sweetned Earth, & reach th' applauding skies.

Stop Her not now: See how her genuine Fire
Takes its true course
And with full force
To Heavn it selfe directly doth aspire.

For what is Heavn, if not sweet JESU'S head
Whose glorious eyes
Gild all ye skies
With purer beams then Phaebu's Look can shed.

Sweet Sacrifice. But sweeter Altar far!
The Altar where
This Offerer
Doth dedicate her Nard, Gods Temples are.

What, does this rare Effusion ad a glance
Of pleasing grace
To JESU'S face,
And make in God a cheerfull Countenance?

Sure He approves it well: Engedie's Bed,
Or Libanus
Ne'r pleasd Him thus,
Nor Edens Hills, wch liquid Spices shed.

Smile all ye Sweets, whose Kindred doth advance
You to be nere
This Ointment here:
That rich Relation will your price inhance.

And Courage Lovers: JESUS will allow
Your Noble Passion
Who was excessive in His Love to you.

But Thou Brave Woman, & thy pretious Name
More sweet then was
Thy Nard, shall pass
And fill th' eternall Mouth of holy Fame.

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