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SELFLOVE, by                    
First Line: To love thy neighbour as thy self, will prove
Last Line: By self-loves rule mayst charity bestow.
Subject(s): God; Self-love; Soul

TO Love thy neighbour as thy self, will prove
The Summ of Virtue; yet Selflove
The total is of Vice.
Unhappy riddle this,
That thine own Rule should perfect be
To all the World besides, but not to thee.


When self-conceited Lucifer so high
Did soar on wings of Philauty,
The foolish Gallant fell
As low as lowest hell.
Corrupted Good's the worst of Evil:
As God is Love himself, Selflove's a Devil.


No Hate's so dangerous as Selflove, by which
We ask our own selvs to death bewitch.
Ask but Narcissus what
Inchanted him to that
Dainty, but deadly fate, & He
Will answer, 'Twas Selflove which drowned Me.


Do's not thy sober indignation rise
Against false-hearted Flatteries
Which only tickle thee
Into a Fallacie?
How dar'st thou then take such delight
In being thine own constant Parasite?


Would'st love thyself indeed? come then & throw
Thy hate at what thou lovest now.
'Tis not thy Self, but thy
Passions & Lusts which ly
In thy loves arms; all other Foes
God bids thee love, I grant, but never those.


Thy Soule's thy Self, & what thy God did make;
Not what thy Sinns: Mend that Mistake,
And then Selflove will be
Ev'n Virtues self to thee.
Thy riddle then will cease, and thou
By Self-loves rule mayst charity bestow.

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