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SS. SIMON & JUDE, by                    
First Line: When love the king of bounty, did
Last Line: Simon & jude are read.
Subject(s): Christianity; Saints

WHEN LOVE the King of bounty, did
Look over all his year,
Newfound & glorious things He spread
To make it rich & fair.

He sprinkled on ye foremost Day
Gemms dugg from his owne veins,
And gave his foreskin to array,
And hide ye New years stains.

Another speciall Day He did
Paint full & fair all over,
For all His Noble Blood He shed
In Purple it to cover.

But when His owne dear veins were drie,
He borrows of his Friends
And other Days to dignifie,
The Martyrs Blood He sends.

Betimes this privileg'd Day did get
A rich & double share:
Two Noble Casks abroach were set
To wash & dresse it fair.

Two rich Apostolike streams did run
With full & liberall Tyde,
And joyning both their floods in one
In this Days Channell glide:

Upon whose either bank each one
Their reverend Name did spread;
Since when in this Days Stile alone
Simon & Jude are read.

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